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Product Description AcryPoints are designed incorporating the unique polishing technology of SH..

Articulating Paper

Product Description This double sided articulating paper is useful to check the occlusion, iden..

Beautifil II

Product Description A versatile fluoride-releasing, nanohybrid direct aesthetic restorative mat..

Beautifil II Enamel

Product Description Beautifil II Enamel composites were developed as a line extension of Beauti..

Beautifil II Gingiva

Product Description Beautifil II Gingiva composites were developed as a complementary line exte..

Beautifil II LS

Product Description Beautifil II LS breaks new ground in direct resin technology with its extre..

Beautifil Injectable X / XSL

Product Description Beautifil Injectable X is re-engineered as the next generation of Bioactive..

Beautifil Opaquer

Product Description A specially designed light-cure fluoride releasing opaquer comes in two dis..

Beautifil-Bulk Flowable

Product Description Beautifil-Bulk Flowable is designed to provide a self-levelling quality for..

Beautifil-Bulk Restorative

Product Description Bulk fill resin has been hailed as a game changer in restorative dentistry...


Product Description BeautiSealant is a fluoride releasing pit and fissure sealant that seals de..

Brownie · Greenie · Supergreenie

Product Description These popular silicone polishers are impregnated with high quality polishin..

Ceramage Gum

Product Description A complementary range of Gingival shades have been developed to complement ..

Ceramage Polishing Kit HP

  For Indirect Composite & Hybrid Ceramics A specially designed kit for systematic poli..

Ceramic Technique System Kit HP

For Ceramic / Metal The comprehensive kit is designed to provide dental technicians with the ri..

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