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Unident Dermocol Gel New
A ready to use, hydro alcoholic thixotropic gel for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. Dermoco..
Unident Dermocol Wash
Formulated for frequent hand washing prior to the use of an alcohol based hand disinfectant. Dermoco..
Unident Impre 10
Active oxygen, powder based concentrate with excellent disinfection and cleaning properties. Unident..
Unident Micro 10 Enzyme
Powerful, tri-enzymatic aldehyde-free concentrated solution, for pre-sterilisation disinfection and ..
Unident Micro 10+
Economical, aldehyde-free concentrate for pre-sterilisation disinfection and cleaning of all dental ..
Unident Unisepta Foam
A ready-to-use disinfection and cleaning foam for surfaces of medical devices. Unisepta Fo..
Unident Unisepta Foam Wipes
Ready to use wipes, for the rapid disinfection and cleaning od medical devices.  Unisepta&..
Unident Unisepta Light
Aldehyde-free ready to use solution with low alcohol content. Unisepta Light has a broad spectr..
Unident Unisepta Plus
A high quality, ready to use, alcohol based solution for the rapid disinfection of surfaces of medic..
Unident Unisepta Plus Wipes
A ready to use, disposable wipe for the rapid disinfection of surfaces of medical devices. Unisepta&..
Unident Vacucid
A non-foaming triple action concentrate for dental suction systems. Vacucid simultaneously disi..
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