Euro Curing Light

Brand: Song Young International CO.
Product Code: 1141


  • Optimal illumination of the polymerization chamber with four compact fluorescent UVA lamps emitting in the 350-400 nm range
  • Rapid curing through special arrangement of the powerful fluorescent lamps and reflectors
  • Homogenous curing within 0-15 minutes with an exposure time preset and automatic shut-off facility controlled by mechanical timer
  • Large polymerization chamber to accommodate up to four models at one time
  • Straightforward operation, thanks to removable insert and only turn on the main switch and setting the timer for polymerization
  • High level of safety, thanks to well-insulated electronics complying with relevant standards
  • Small space requirement, thanks to compact design.


  • External Dimension : L 215 x  W 295 x H 115 mm
  • Weight : 2 kgs
  • Voltage : 220 / 240 V 50 Hz
  • Alternatively : 110 /120 V 60 Hz
  • Emission range : 350~400 mm
  • Spectrum : Not dangerous
  • Power consumption per lamp : 9 W

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